Barbecue 'Flare Up' Solutions

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How do I keep a gas grille from "flaming" when I cook hamburgers? I turn the heat down but still get a "flames" that I burn the meat.

Barbecue 'Flare Up' Solutions

Don't let those barbecue flare-ups put out the flame in your heart for outdoor grilling. There are several reasons why barbecues will suddenly flare up, turning your meat to ashes. Luckily, there are also several ways to fight back. Here are some suggestions:
- Move your meat away from the fire by raising the level of your grill. Some flare-ups are natural. By keeping your meat a bit higher, the flames may not reach the grill.
- Use a grade of meat with a bit less fat. Most of the time, it's the dripping fat that causes the flare-ups.
- Use a marinade or barbecue sauce with less sugar. Sugar in the marinade not only attracts the flames, but will burn on the surface of your meat.
- Give the fire a bit less air to feed on by closing the vents down a bit.



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