Turn Up The Heat In Your Barbeque

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I cant seem to get the coals hot enough. I put fluid on them but the fire goes out right away. How do i get the coals to turn grey and produce heat?

Turn Up The Heat In Your Barbeque

One sure fire way to heat up your coals and get them to turn grey is to use a chimney in your barbeque. Chimneys are simply metal tubes. You can buy them wherever barbeque supplies are sold, but you can also make one by taking both ends off of a # ten can. Then follow these easy directions:
- Place chimney in the bottom of your barbeque.
- Place a fire starter like newspaper in the bottom of the chimney.
- Add a few charcoal briquettes and add lighter fluid.
- Fill the rest of the chimney with briquettes.
- Light the barbeque.
- Remove the chimney when the briquettes are grey.

When you first light the barbeque, the fire starter will produce both flames and smoke. The smoke is mainly caused by briquettes that are not completely started. As more of the charcoal becomes lit and heats up, the smoke will begin to subside. Just because there is no smoke, don't think there is no fire. As the fire starts burning more efficiently, there should be little smoke. If you wave your hand above the barbecue, you will be able to feel its heat. And you must have patience. Charcoal can take up to 30 minutes to thoroughly heat up and turn grey. Once your charcoal is thoroughly heated and your chimney carefully removed, you are ready to begin cooking.



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