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Answer provided 7/24/2004 6:24:02 PM

Q. How to prevent fish from sticking to BBQ grill?

A. You can keep fish or any meat from sticking to the cooking to the grate of the bbq grill by simply adding some oil to the grate before putting the fish on the grate. I also saw recently where Pam has come out with a high heat resistant spray for grills. But the simplest way is to take a cloth (paper towel will do fine) and put some cooking oil on the towel then simply brush on the grate. It is best to do this immediately before putting your fish on. I would recommend peanut oil over the others but any will do. Fish has a tendancy to stick more than other meats has it contains very little fat that will assist in keeping the meat from sticking during cooking.

Hope this helps you out.

Bill Cannon
Barbecue Guru

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Q. How to prevent fish from sticking to BBQ grill?
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